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We have been making Chai tea since 1996 and have kept local Chai lovers and travelers delighted with our blends of Chai. Byron Chai is widely available in cafes and health food stores in the Byron Bay region and throughout Australia and is now available through our website. In addition to our black tea based Indian Spiced Tea Chai, we have three other blends, our black tea based Whole Spice Blend and our caffeine free Rooibos Blend, and our caffeine free Dandelion Chai, which gives you a choice of two Black Tea blends and two Caffeine Free blends. All 4 blends are available in a variety of single or multiple packs, or they may be purchased in Combination Packs in a single purchase and are available in a combination of your choice.

Our Blends

If you would like to try any 2 or 3 or all 4 blends, click below on Combo Packs where you can purchase any Combination of different chai blends all in the one purchase for the best price, rather than selecting individual purchases, these are available in 200g combo packs and 500g combo packs.

    Whole Spice Blend    Rooibos Blend    Dandelion Chai    Byron Chai combo


All prices quoted on this website are Postage Free Only for Orders to be Posted Within Australia.

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What people have to say about our Chai

Oh I just wanted to let you know I've been a fan of the original for so long now & I tried your sample pack with the Dandelion Chai last week. The Dandelion is so good I don't think I'll drink anything else ever again. And my whole family agreed! We love it!!
I found your astonishingly decent Black Chai at the Stirling Organic Shop in the Adelaide Hills on the weekend. This is absolutely the finest brewing material I’ve located in what was the ongoing search for ‘chaitopia’. Thankfully, this has been bought to a satisfying and fulfilling conclusion. Thanks for the brew to endure a South Australian winter through.
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE Byron Chai. I love the flavour, the design of the packaging, the recycled board packaging and cellophane inner packaging, the organic ethos and the flavour, did I say that already? Please keep up the wonderful work. Wishing you all the best!
Hi, just a note to let you know how amazing your chai is. I have (and my husband and occasionally our son) been drinking your Indian Spiced Tea daily now for about 12 months and I'm definitely addicted.  I recently went travelling to the South of here and ate out at cafes etc and all of their chai that was served was disgusting!!!! its a shame your chai wasn't on offer at the cafes! I'm very grateful I can buy it where I live which is in Gatton (about 30 mins from toowoomba).  I take it everywhere with me as most people out here have never even heard of chai let alone tasted it!  Its slowly seeping out to the people in the country. Keep up the great recipe !