Welcome to our recipe page where we would like to offer you some brewing ideas to ensure your chai experience is the best it can be. It is our great pleasure to bring to you nature's wonderland of spices. All our chai blends are made from natural ingredients with nothing artificial added. It is really worth the effort to take your time to prepare a chai that suits you! Some of our blends also combine together really well and make a very tasty brew. It is worth trying a chilled chai which is delicious and energising particularly in summer. If you have a sweet tooth, add a nice big spoon of honey or other natural sweetener, which really brings out the incredible spice flavours

Byron Chai Indian Spiced Tea

This is our original blend and is made from finely ground spices and black leaf tea (caffeinated) and is quick and easy to prepare for a rich spicy brew !

Serving suggestions
Making a chai the way you really like it can take a little effort until you find the right recipe for that perfect brew. Your Byron Chai Flavour and strength varies depending upon milk choice, serving size of chai and whether you add a sweetener. Full cream milk will give a richer beverage whereas oat and other plant based milks will let the stronger chai flavours shine through. Almond milk gives a lovely light nutty flavour and we just love it with a dash of honey. Be creative and tinker to create a Byron Chai that is uniquely you!


Teapot & Strainer
1. Add 1 teaspoon of chai per server to teapot or strainer.
2. Add boiling water and infuse for 2-5 minutes.
3. Add milk, honey or sweetener to taste.

Chai Latte
1. Use coffee machine milk wand or frother
2. Add 1-2 teaspoons of chai tea per serve to milk jug
3. Add milk of your choice
4. Froth/heat milk to desired temperature
5. Infuse for 2-5 minutes
6. Strain into cup

Authentic Chai Brew
1. Add 1-2 teaspoons of chai per serve to saucepan
2. Add equal portions of milk and water based on serve quantity (eg 1 serve = 1 cup milk + 1 cup water)
3. Bring to the boil then turn off heat
4. Strain into cup

Summer Brew
Serve your chai chilled with ice cubes and fresh mint leaves.











Byron Chai Whole Spice Blend

Our Whole Spice Blend is a mixture of black tea (caffeinated) with whole cloves, broken pieces of cassia (cinnamon) whole cardamom and fennel seeds with some broken star anise, ginger and licorice root. The subtle flavours release slowly, however if this blend is left in the pot for too long, it becomes quite strong and the hot spices may overpower. It has more spices than tea and has therefore a lot less caffeine than our Indian Spiced Tea Blend so if you find the right blend it is a delicious chai for first thing in the morning. This blend brews well for those who don’t like a milky chai.

Try measuring out a mix of 10 or 20% milk to 80 or 90% water, add a heaped teaspoon of chai per mug and bring to the boil, allow to sit for 5 or 10 minutes, strain sweeten and serve. If you prefer a milky chai, try again and work out a milk to water ratio that suits your taste. Enjoy !


Byron Chai Rooibos Blend

Our Rooibos blend is caffeine free, and is a mild flavoured and a naturally sweet chai with subtle flavours released from whole seeds and spices with some lemongrass and some mint added, we have also added some roasted Dandelion to give it a bit of body and some added goodness. It brews up in a similar fashion to our Whole Spice Blend.

Try mixing about 10 or 20% milk to 80 or 90% water and a heaped teaspoon of chai per mug, bring to boil and then allow to sit for 5 or 10 minutes, strain, sweeten and serve. If you prefer a milky chai, try again and work out a milk to water ratio that suits your taste. Some of these blends also work well mixed together, try using half Rooibos chai and half Whole Spice Blend chai in your brew, they work very nicely together, or for a caffeine free mix, try using half Rooibos blend and half Dandelion chai.

Enjoy !


Byron Chai, Dandelion Chai

This blend is a rich warming (caffeine free) chai. It not only tastes lovely but it also made of spices that contain fabulous health properties.

Like all our blends, a good brew suited to your own liking needs some careful attention to work out. Try measuring about 30 to 40% milk to 60 or 70% water with a level teaspoon of chai per mug, bring chai to the boil, allow to sit for about 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Then strain, sweeten and serve. The Dandelion chai is quite strong and about a level teaspoon may be enough for 1 serve. If you find you have made it too strong, reheat the chai and add some more water and milk. Or if too weak, just add a little more chai to the pot and heat again and allow to sit for a few more minutes. We are confident you will master your personalised Dandelion Chai after a few goes and will really enjoy your brew.

Enjoy !